Energy from Waste


A sustainable environmental and energy solution


95 % of biodegradable municipal waste can be used in clean energy production.


1000 tons of municipal waste a day could produce 8MWh to 10MWh of electricity on a continuing cycle.

Safe disposal of harmful waste - producing Clean Green energy.


Reuseable materials and resources are recovered by the recycling processes.

Green Energy


Municipal waste is safely disposed of, cleaning the environment and improving public health.


Green, renewable energy.

Turning waste into a resource.

Creating jobs & resources & energy.



Mixed / unsorted municipal waste is processed & recyclable materials are recovered.


The waste is processed again into waste streams for energy production.

Food grade compost can also produced.

The alternative


Unmanaged dumping of municipal waste will; contain over 200 damaging chemicals, increase toxic poisons in the food chain, release lechtate into the earth and water sources, significantly increase the discharge of methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


People living and working within 10km of unmanaged waste dumps face increased health risks, including cancer.


Today's Waste,

Tomorrow's Energy.

Solar Power may be the solution to your energy needs.


We provide practicle, sustainable, energy solutions.


Environmental Energy Solutions.